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Current podcasts on His Hard Line


The TRUE American Flag - 2022.06.14


Contempt of Constitution (1st De Jure Law since 1861) - 2022.06.07


 CORPORATE AMERICA (Act of 1871) - 2022.05.31


 The Power of the Assembly - 2022.05.22


 General Dunford Rebuttal / Comms between Military (Q) and the reassembled Republic in 2016 - 2022.05.03


 Chains to Freedom Current Situation in Assembly - 2022.05.12


 Then & Now in Assembly - 2022.04.26


 The Grand Jury De Jure - 2022.04.19


WE ARE THE PLAN!!! - 2022.04.12


 Public Notice to Pentagon, Military, et al. - 2022.03.29


AGJA Orders to Gov. Michael Dunleavy - 2022.03.25


 The United States Exists in 2 Forms - 2022.03.24


 The Constitution is "FOR" not "OF" the united States - 2022.03.02


 The Grand Jury Belongs to the People - Justice Antonin Scalia - 2022.02.19


 Returning to Self-Governance in America - 2022.02.17


 10 Steps to Start a County and/or State Assembly - 2022.05.10


  Michigan General Jural Assembly Blocks Obama in 2013