National Assembly

Update July 21 2023

The Michigan General Jural Assembly for safety and security reasons has adjourned on July 13 2023 for the remainder of the year of 2023 due to an active coup that is being addressed. To the other states assembled and assembling: any information or communication seemingly from MGJA is invalid and to be ignored unless updated here on National Assembly website. Work with other states will continue with Paul and Destry.


Update May 2023: Apparently Joseph Belton is the new Anna Von Reitz. Elizabeth aka Jane from Montana is the new version of Candilee from Montana. Charlene and co from California are the new version of Teri Sahlm from Washington State. We are aware of what Anna Von Reitz did in 2019 and we are now witnessing the same thing happening again with these new actors. Use descression and decernment when interacting with these people. We have 17 states that have published notice and the U.S. Corp is in a panic over the people reassembling and have called out their assets to interfere with our reassembling the nation=states!