National Assembly

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Authority Documents



We THE People -Open Letter & Public Notice

Civil Flag of Peacetime

Michigan State Flag

Mission Statement

How to Settle Your State and County

Steps to setting up the State & County Assemblies

Intro - The County Settlement Covenant

County Settlement Covenant

How to establish your State’s Governmental Officials at the National Level

How to Sign on Under the Equal Footings Act

APPENDIX A:   Official Notification and Certification

APPENDIX B:   Déclaration of Un-alienable Rights

APPENDIX C:   Jural Covenant of Office

APPENDIX D:   Déclaration of Independence

APPENDIX E:   Agenda for Convening Your County Jural Assembly in Your State

APPENDIX F:    Legal Notice Published under Affidavit of Publication Ohio

APPENDIX G:   Legal Notice - Text - Ohio 

APPENDIX H:   County Covenant - Notice for de facto county commissioners

APPENDIX I:    Public Declaration & Notice to Hague

APPENDIX J:    Affidavit of Publication Global Notice at Hague

APPENDIX K:   New Republic October 21, 2012 Announcement


In Summation



Jural Covenant of Office (sample form)


                     (name of state) Jurist in           (name of county)       County Settlement.


With Right Hand raised in front of three (3) live witnesses in Jural Assembly; by your own words pledge the following for Jural Covenant.


“I declare my unalienable Rights are held by Indigenous Power. In One People Assembly in this free and independent nation=state with a firm reliance on Divine Providence I will support, protect and defend the Natural God-given Rights and Liberty of the people of the free and independent state (name of state). I am sentient and of FREE Will and by this covenant, I agree to accept and serve as a Jurist serving (name of state).  a Free and Independent nation=state.”


"I,       Jane Louise Doe                    do solemnly pledge by Jural covenant to serve with     (name of county)  county Settlement; lawfully settled within the geographical boundary of Ohio,, a Free and Independent nation=state.”


“I will delegate power from unalienable Rights held by Indigenous Power. If appointed or elected to any office serving the people in (name of state), a Free and Independent nation=state and I accept such calling, I will faithfully serve this office. I will uphold, support, preserve, protect and defend my local County Settlement Covenant, Covenant of (name of state), a Free and Independent nation=state, Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, and the Constitution 1789 and the Bill of Rights c.1791. I will perform and fulfill all Jural duties and administer the laws of this Free and Independent nation=state with respect to its people faithfully, impartially, peacefully, honorably and never contrary to the Law of Almighty God; Presenting no one through envy, hatred, malice, covetousness or ill-will, and leaving no one unrepresented because of fear, favor, affection, reward or enticements; Investigating without restraint all matters of knowledge or which have been brought forth unto me in such impartial capacity, keeping all such counsel and deliberations at all times secret for protection of the People. I solemnly affirm to do all of this to the best of my ability and understanding as a sacred covenant between me and the people I am about to serve, local to this free and independent state, and the Almighty Creator, so help me God.”


Appellation Autograph May Heaven and Earth be One Eternal Witness this day.

Affirmed and autographed by appellation in Grace centered in Almighty God by:


Autograph:               Jane Louise Doe                                                      Date: 1-31-14                                        Renewal


Printed Appellation:                 Jane Louise Doe                                                  Date: 1-31-14                                        Original


Address: 25 Maple Lane                                                                      City:         Grove City                            state: Michigan


Phone:      333-4444-5555                                                                    email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Witness:     Sally Marie Smith                                                               Date: 1-31-14

Witness:                  John Boy Walton                                                         Date: 1-31-14            

Witness:   Jack Anthony Jones                                                                   Date: 1-31-14



A Jurist is one that knows, engages in and will uphold matters of common law. A qualified Jurist may be called, elected or appointed to serve in positions of delegated authority for (name of state)., a Free and Independent state. They may be called upon to serve on a Jury Panel as a Juror on a County, State or National District Grand Jury, Trial Jury, Special Jury, Jural Assembly or remain collected in an Assembly Jury pool for reserves, as alternates, on select committees, as select office holders or actually seated upon one of the many Juries that shall exist from the county level and up.