National Assembly

Table Of Contents


Authority Documents



We THE People -Open Letter & Public Notice

Civil Flag of Peacetime

Michigan State Flag

Mission Statement

How to Settle Your State and County

Steps to setting up the State & County Assemblies

Intro - The County Settlement Covenant

County Settlement Covenant

How to establish your State’s Governmental Officials at the National Level

How to Sign on Under the Equal Footings Act

APPENDIX A:   Official Notification and Certification

APPENDIX B:   Déclaration of Un-alienable Rights

APPENDIX C:   Jural Covenant of Office

APPENDIX D:   Déclaration of Independence

APPENDIX E:   Agenda for Convening Your County Jural Assembly in Your State

APPENDIX F:    Legal Notice Published under Affidavit of Publication Ohio

APPENDIX G:   Legal Notice - Text - Ohio 

APPENDIX H:   County Covenant - Notice for de facto county commissioners

APPENDIX I:    Public Declaration & Notice to Hague

APPENDIX J:    Affidavit of Publication Global Notice at Hague

APPENDIX K:   New Republic October 21, 2012 Announcement


In Summation



Agenda for Convening the (Your County)

General Jural Assembly on (Your State)!


Complete Each Task


1st;      Convene Assembly (start recording  minutes) on                      201?


            Who is recording minutes:


2nd;     The stated purpose for convening the assembly is to elect a county Scribe

            to record the minutes of the assembly, a moderator to moderate subsequent

            assembly meetings.


3rd;      Open the floor for discussion concerning the election of

            a. Scribe

            b, Moderator


4th;      The scribe once elected is to take roll call of the assembly members present

            for the record.


5th;      Ensure everyone present can read on a screen the county settlement covenant

            or has a copy in their passion.


6th;      After discussion of the settlement covenant whether to use the covenant in this

            handbook or completely write your own has to decide at this time. Once discussion

            has been exhausted a member has to motion=move to approve the decision and

            there needs to be a second so a vote can be done by the assembly members.


7th;      All those in favor of ratifying the county settlement covenant for your county

            by recording the yea votes:            abstaintion votes:               nay votes:


8th;      To ratify the covenant all members must autograph the final page as witness to

            the process and its approval.


9th;      Open the floor for discussion concerning your county positions.


            It is suggested since this is an interim government, that these positions be provisional

            for a 90 day period. As time goes on, there will be a greater pool of people that may

            be better qualified for the assembly to draw from or those who may desire to resign

            for other positions. It is good to hold discussions on this provisional matter.


            At this time keep in mind there is no remuneration for these offices and all expenses

            are paid by donations until otherwise financed.


10th;    Is there a motion for a vote on the 90 day provisional office positions for the county?


            Member who made the motion:

            Member who seconded the motion: 


 11th;   All those in favor of the motion for 90 day provisional positions indicate by saying

            yea:           All opposed say nay:                   abstentions:


12th;    Open the floor for discussing the process for nominations to these positions:

            Ask: does anyone want to volunteer for the interim position of?

                   is there a nomination for the interim position of?


            Move through the list of positions that the assembly has agreed upon to establish

            the republic offices with the intent of re-assembling the county with public

            servants that actually know the purpose and duties of there office.


            Suggested county offices:

                        1,  Township Supervisors (one per township)

                        2,  Sheriff (1)

                        3,  County Chief Justice (1)

                        4,  Justice of the Peace (1 per township to start)

                        5,  County Recording Clerk (1)

                        6,  County Land Title Clerk (1)

                        7,  County Treasurer (1)

                        8,  County Coroner (1)

            These are the minimum offices research indicated were necessary to establish

            county government.


13th;    Once these offices have been filled and the office holders have tendered an Oath of

            Office that has been determined by the assembly or by using the Jural Covenant of

            Office the assembly opens the floor to discuss the meeting times for the assembly.

            When we first started we met twice a month and changed to one physical meeting

            per month and added a once a week phone conference call and these were eventually

            made county and region calls. Each settled county holds a monthly physical meeting

            to keep the records of the government con-current. Each meeting whether physical

            or phone conference must end by establishing a "date and time" of reconvening the

            assembly and offices so the government can validate their ability to be self-governing.


            All meetings shall have minutes recorded and made hard copy with pertinent

            information and autographed by the Scribe=Recording Secretary.



                                                                        `                       Autograph       Assembly Scribe


                                                                                                                        Assembly Scribe