The Nations States Project was initiated by the Pennsylvania Assembly when they filed a package of documents and official Notice with the PERMANENT BUREAU HAGUE CONFERENCE ON PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW, SCHEVENINGSWEG 6, THE HAGUE 2517 NL.


Their action was noticed by another group who invited folks to a phone conference and assisted as many states as possible in duplicating the document package and notification. The completed packets were sent to the Pennsylvania folks who gathered them together and had them delivered to the address above. This project was accomplished and completed with relative swiftness in 2012.


Next Step - seating the body politic


With all of the states on the same page more or less, it was now time to take the next step, i.e. to organize each state by seating that state’s body politic and reclaiming their Republic form of government.


Time is important and time is short but time is not to be considered. The re-assembly of our nation can happen and we can all work together to accomplish the reclaiming of our nation but it can only happen with (1) each state working to re-assemble their own state and (2) then committing to the action step of re-seating their national body politic. These actions can be defined and completed with the assistance of each state working together with the focus on re-assembling the Republic form of governance in each state.