Here are the documents that we here in Michigan have brought through the Michigan General Jural Assembly and approved for use in settling our state county by county.


This page can be deleted but not until you have read it to know what to do with the following documentation of your process through the settling of the counties.


It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that the only terms that are changed are the names of the county and state. This is written using the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary and the grammar and terms in common use prior to=before 1952. In the late fifties the "Public Fool" system was forced upon the un-suspecting public=people and the dumbing down process was under way.


Read the document all the way through two or three times to experience the difference in the verbiage and grammar for full knowledge of the power and strength of the writing and discuss the document in your assembly. We also STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that the assembly discuss and approve all actions, alterations of the settlement document and have this recorded in the minutes (see Appendix E: Agenda for Convening Your County Jural Assembly of Your State) of the assembly meeting.


My County = the name of the assemblies county!

My State = the name of the state the assembly is on!

Both of these indicate in the document where the information may be placed and be sure and read it all the way through because I may have missed one.