Michigan State Flag


            We THE People of the Michigan General Jural Assembly researched the present de facto state flag and found the symbology of the the US corporate franchise contained in the seal and the seal is on the flag. This was determined to be un-acceptable to our return to a de jure government status and re-appointed symbology that was pertainet to the state. This was also done with the state seal to elliminate all ties with the corporate franchise United States of America.


The de jure Michigan state flag using symbols appropriate to the recognition of Sovereignty of the state.

 This is the de facto flag for all to see and appreciate the difference necessary for our re-assembly.

"State flag of Michigan; public domain image on Wikipedia. All State Flags"

Michigan's official flag was adopted by the Legislature in 1911 with a simple description: The State Flag shall be blue charged with the arms of the State (the state coat of arms appears on both sides of the flag, and also on Michigan state seal. Animal symbols: Moose and Elk represent Michigan, the bald eagle signifies the United States Corporation.

A mission statement guides the assembly in keeping a shape focus on the objective of re-assembling our de jure state.


The mission statement gives the assembly a focus of what the purpose of the assembly is working toward. The harmonizing statement is important to have all assembly members thinking of how we work together to inform and encourage people to look around them and ask questions not only of themselves but of the people they elected to serve and represent them.