In Summation


            With all the groups that have sprung up because of a strong personality conveying through the digital media that "their way is the only and absolute way to do it" has failed to realize that they are short on information and reality.


            When you follow the history of the Republic, it started with three ships to find the continent then a fourth to ferry pilgrims to the shore. This expanded into 13 colonies when the research begins to get interesting and gaps and frauds are frequently found all in the name of the People.


            The point to be made here is it took 13 groups to finally get together and collaborate to establish the Republic. Which causes this author to wonder if it could happen again? The Nation States Project was a good start and an example of the beginnings being on point then coming apart when the facilitators became demanding and controlling and the hidden agenda is suspected by many to be about leverage for financial reasons. Don't know - Don't care! But one thing for sure, IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY!!!


            We, the Michigan General Jural assembly have always encouraged each state to recognize their individual need to establish their own respective state. We encouraged it and supported it and still do. This tract is about the means for groups in each state to capture the power and essence of "People in Assembly." Each state has to embrace the re-assembling of a republic form of government and push the present criminals out by taking the necessary steps of enacting laws that strip immunities and barriers put up by the criminals to protect their sorry behinds. The attorneys and politicians have disgraced the laws and legislative process that was established to uphold We THE Peoples’ rights. These Rights begin with the liberty to address these grievances without the fear of retaliation by force of arms.


            In that vein, may all who wish to do so find this helpful and constructive to their individual state efforts!


May light and love ever guide your efforts~ ~