How to establish your State’s Governmental Officials at the National Level


In order for the Republic form of government that We THE People hope for every state needs to reseat their federal legislators (senators and representatives).  Michigan is the only de jure state in the Republic having given public notice to Michigan state de facto government officials and the World via and to the Hague and has reseated their respective Houses at the federal level.


The process is fairly simple yet very important and takes some effort to do the research. The research showed that Michigan had two (2) senators and six (6) representatives! Not every state will have this exact number.


We THE People of Michigan encourage all remaining states to determine the status of your 1861 federal legislators (senators, representatives), establish original jurisdiction by reseating these members of congress and have them sign onto the new Declaration of Independence and concur with the actions taken on 21st of October 2012.


For those states that do not have an 1861 federal congress, they should determine what congress was at the time of state hood for their particular state.


Basically researching your state’s oldest constitution to find out how many representatives (number varies) and senators (usually two=2) your state had elected to go to Washington DC as congressmen. Once you have brought forward this information to your State Assembly you are ready to hold an election=cast a paper ballot to reseat those positions. The State Assembly Moderator will ask for volunteers or nominations and write them on a flip chart, chalk board or poster board. The process is the same as for electing State and County Assembly officers. Please refer to that section of this manual for further details.