Constructive & Substantive

Notice! The People of Michigan, a Free and Independent Nation=State have recorded an Affidavit of publication executed by publishing at COUNTY and STATE level, have lodged Lawfull Notice with the Hague Conference Private International Law Permanent Bureau, Scheuening SFWEG 6 2517tk, the Hague, 2517TK NL, receipt No. MMMRQ6MJ2RCBM, signed for by Koelewijn. This Notice confirms our authority to self-govern, organize and establish our rightful place on the free dry land within the dominion of our Creator.

For information Email your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Call 1-313-288-0310


This notice is to be published in the Wall Street Journal New York office, Europe and Asia. The publishing in foreign countries Wall Street Journals' Legal Notice will be giving notice outside U.S. This noticing of our position and standing is giving global notice of Michigan's return to Original Jurisdiction and Venue.