Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening: 6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain - 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern

First hour is assembly business - Second hour is general discussion

  • Dial-in number: (712) 770-4160
  • Participant Code: 226823
  • Playback number: (712) 770-4169


New Call Board!

One number direct dial in (no code) (657) 390-7601

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: nationalassembly

Join the online meeting:

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text 'Call Me' to the Dial-In number above and you will be called into the conference. Message and data rates may apply.


 national assembly call etiquette reminder-

Our republic has never been a monoculture of thought. Any belief system that supports the declaration of independence and the bill of rights is welcomed here. The first hour of the call is national assembly business, open discussion time follows. Given the large number of people who's input is essential and the limited time available, remember to make your statements as succinct as possible. Please mute your phone when not speaking to prevent feedback and background noise issues.

Hints for newcomers:

1. Each meeting begins with roll call.  One "(your state) present" per state is sufficient.

2. Not all states have assembled. If your state hasn't or if it has and no one answered roll call please take the initiative to step up, be counted, and share your input appropriately.

3. If your state has assembled and is in attendance, let your reps represent you. All are welcomed to listen to the business meeting and participate in free talk afterwards. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be connected to your state coordinator and join your county assembly/state assembly call.

4. Rules of order keep the business meeting flowing. Who speaks is controlled by the meeting's chairperson.To speak, say, "(my state) requests the floor" and wait to be recognized.  You surrender the floor with "(my state) yields" to let the next person speak. 

5. Disagreements and growing pains are normal and expected please be patient with us and with yourself. Help us become the group we need to be.

Hints for all:

1. Patience and tolerance for people of all knowledge and experience levels is much appreciated.

2. This is a political/governing body not an idealogical fan club. Examples exist to be followed, but sovereignty of thought and local function are to be respected.

3. We are all in this together, this is our moment to prove we are up to the task. If not us, who? If not now, when? 

4. Step one is first for a reason.